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aDownloader is a native bit torrent (bittorrent/P2P) downloader for Android devices.

You may search online torrent and or add torrent from local sdcard.

aDownloader is also a http downloader that supports break-resume.

Enjoy downloading from the P2P network and the free Internet.

aDownloader Blue

aDownloader Blue is a full featured version, including pre-defined search engines, encyption and proxy support .

It also supports video preview download mode and Play Now feature, let you watch torrent videos in minutes without long time waiting.


Important note

The version is the website version and is different from the Google Play aDownloader version. The Google Play Play version does not include pre-defined search engines due to Google Play policy.

The default installation is ads-driven, to remove the ads, please buy a license key.$3.99 Buy...

Current version: (2014-03-22)

1.4.0 What's new
1. Added: Video preview download mode, preview videos within minutes.
2. Added: Play Now feature, let you seek to the middle of a video to watch.
3. Added: Pieces view, better view on the torrent progress.
4. Fixed: Rechecks data on app restart if the torrent has a >4G size file.
5. Fixed: Some earch engines are not working.
6. Fixed: Duplicated folders are created.
7. Improved: Improved compatibility with other torrent clients.
8. Changed: Adjusted UI menus.
9. Changed: Changed default download folder to app specific folder on KitKat.
10. Fixed: Removing task/files delete all files in the same download folder on some phones.

System Requirements:

Android OS 2.2 or up

You may find the Google Play version without pre-defined search engines from following link

Find aDownloader Blue on Google Play Store

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aDownloader Lite (Green)

aDownloader Lite (Green) supports basic torrent features and runs better on old devices.

The lite installation is ads-driven.


System Requirements

Android OS 1.6 or up

Find aDownloader Green on Google Play Store

Media Converter

Media Converter allows you to convert all kinds of media formats to popular media formats: mp3, mp4 (mpeg4,aac), ogg (theora, flac) , 3gp (h263, aac), avi (mpeg4, mp3), mpeg (mpeg1, mp2), flv (flv, mp3) and wav. Also audio profiles: m4a (aac-audio only), 3ga (aac-audio only), oga (flac-audio only) are available for convenience.
You may also chop/clip a media file, or extract the audio to make a ring tone.
You may specify the parameters including video/audio bit rate, resolution, frame rate, audio sample rate.
It is easy to pick/specify the parameters with the special designed UI.

Market Install

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