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License Policy

A license of aDownloader is bound to a phone's IMEI or network MAC address.

How to purchase

Step 1>
>>Install the installation apk from this website.
>>Buy from your Android device:

Step 2>>Pay online with PayPal.
Step 3>>You will receive an email containing the license keys corresponding to your device ID.
Step 4>>Save the license key with aDownloader menu "Remove Ads".

Important Notice:
A valid device ID is critical for generating a valid license key.
Don't purchase if you found the device is invalid on confirmation page, examples of invalid device ID: empty string, "android", "imei","galaxy s2".
Valid device ID should be a continuous string like: 999344563343, or "05:E4:02:F3:56:30"

The email address of your PayPal account is used to receive the license key, please do make sure it is available.